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It's time for another round of requests!

As always please follow the rules below- I'm sure there will be some TL;DR people out there- but fear not they will simply be ignored ;)

Also please keep in mind those of you who have requested characters in the last round can request the same characters here again. Also I may sprinkle in some Bonus Sheets here or there if I'm feeling really ambitious.

1.) There will be a ONE character per person limit. Last time some people requested 8 characters at a time. and I'm a push over- I don't like saying no, but really, ONE character per person this time around. this includes suggesting "Transformation" / "Switch Out" characters to gain more than one character request.

2.) There will be ten slots for this round. In the first round, there were no slots, which resulted in sixty requests before i had to close the requests, it was very overwhelming- even when I said I'd take my time and do em as I saw fit i still felt overwhelmed and rushed.

3.) Again, I would like to remind people, I will NOT be doing characters that originated from: Movies, Cartoons, Animes, Mangas or anything where the character did not originate from a Video Game. The only exception to this rule would be if said character has had a great role in video game history such as R.O.B. or Captain N. Other exceptions would be characters like Alice from American Mcgee's Alice, though based on a novel, that Alice originated from a video game though based on a novel the character is completely different.

4.) Creating Character Sheets for First-Person Shooters can be not only difficult but also boring- there are only so many different combinations I can make up where aiming shooting and maybe a grenade is used- not to say all First-Person characters will be denied, take for instance John Raimi from Geist- I actually enjoyed making that one. So for First-Person games you can request them but the chances of me taking them isn't very good.

5.) Requests are NOT first come first serve. In other words, I'll select Ten Characters from the comments here- to give an air of mystery to the newcomers I'll add "?????????" To a slot when I have decided on one once all ten slots read "?????????" then that round will be closed until those ten characters are done.

5.) Please when requesting characters keep importance in mind. for example suggesting a Goomba as a playable character- especially when there are Goomba's of importance such as Goombario or Goombella, a generic character like that would likely never make it to the real roster and they're not fun to make.

6.) Also on that note Pokemon: We all have our favorites, for instance mine is Teddiursa, but he hasn't really had any vital roles in Pokemon has he? sure he's been in a couple episodes of the anime and in one movie? but nothing too flashy to make him stand next  to Pikachu or Mewtwo really, what I'm getting at is Pokemon requests have a very low chance of being accepted.

7.) Please do not repeat characters that have already been done as they will not be redone- For those of you who haven't seen them, I have done over 130 Character sheets and a list of completed characters can be found here:… this includes requesting Same but different characters such as Mega Man "But not the mega man you've done mega man.exe" etc.

8.) And lastly, I am fully aware of Sakurai and the rules that he has released to the public about how he goes about picking characters. I'm also aware that 98% of the characters I do likely won't have a snowballs chance in hell of actually appearing in the game. these are for fun. I don't follow Sakurai's rules. just because Character X doesn't appear on any Nintendo console, doesn't mean I won't make a sheet for them. Requests can be made for any character from any platform and they will be considered. if you want solid rules use the following as guidelines:

=====TL;DR RULES=====

1.) Character requested MUST have originated from a VIDEO GAME regardless of system.
2.) ONE Character request per person. (choose well)

So Now Then. Please request your characters with their name and what game they are from for example: "Mario from Super Mario Bros." this is important only because sometime you guys really surprise me and I need to research a character- don't get me wrong I like to think I have some serious gaming knowledge under my belt but on those rare occasions a character is suggested that I don't know its great to have a game title to reference the character to.

1.) Klonoa - :iconkitsunejordan: KitsuneJordan, :iconscreamoshaymin: ScreamoShaymin
2.) Alucard  - :iconturcobandido: turcobandido
3.) Alice Liddell - :iconsandvich33: Sandvich33
4.) Mike Jones - :iconnobunaga: Nobunaga, :iconsmash94: Smash94
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