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Update 12/13/14

So we're in- we're still moving things into the new place, and trying to get settled, still a lot to do but my station is all set up- mostly. It will still be a while before things are completely done but at least now ill be able to pop in more regularly to check up on requests and such. this whole move has been the most frustrating move I've ever done, and I've moved quite a bit so...

again there are three slots left for requests for round 4- If you want to request a fighter (yes requests are open to all) you can post them here: Who Do YOU want in Smash Brothers? 4 (OPEN)It's time for another round of requests!
As always please follow the rules below- I'm sure there will be some TL;DR people out there- but fear not they will simply be ignored ;)
Also please keep in mind those of you who have requested characters in the last round can request the same characters here again. Also I may sprinkle in some Bonus Sheets here or there if I'm feeling really ambitious.
1.) There will be a ONE character per person limit. Last time some people requested 8 characters at a time. and I'm a push over- I don't like saying no, but really, ONE character per person this time around. this includes suggesting "Transformation" / "Switch Out" characters to gain more than one character request.
2.) There will be ten slots for this round. In the first round, there were no slots, which resulted in sixty requests before i had to close the requests, it was very overwhelming- even when I said I'd take my time and do em as I saw fit i still felt overwhelmed and ru
make sure you read the rules. with the stress of the move i can't guarantee i will not be a dick to you if you haven't read these rules. sorry #imnotsorry 
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trentharvestmoon Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014
i will be watching for more of your newcomer art
Pookasora Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  Student
what about slap and stick from panic!?
Tommypezmaster Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014
If your still trying to figure out what Smash Brothers character sheet you should make, Try looking into my Kirby Hats gallery.…

You may find your next contender for a future game (BTW I only made hats for the Kooplings because they make the same hat which is Bowser Jr.)

Hope you appreciate my help.
elephantbeatle Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014
Does an online game character count for character requests?
evilwaluigi Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014
if the character originated from a video game then yes- however custom made characters from online games will not be accepted- so for example you could request the Swordman from Ragnorok Online, but I won't accept elephantbeatle the Swordman- get what i'm saying?
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