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NEWCOMER - Mega Man ++ by evilwaluigi NEWCOMER - Mega Man ++ by evilwaluigi
The next in the "you know who should be in smash brothers" series is: a remake of the Blue Bomber: Mega Man!

SPECIAL MOVES==============================

Press 'B' to fire the Mega Buster. Hold down 'B' to charge the buster then release to fire. Mega man can walk around freely while charging.


When Mega Man defeats an opponent he gains a new weapon, each opponent that is defeated earns him a new weapon but gets rid of the prior weapon he gained. Mega Man can gain 1 of 8 abilities when an opponent is defeated:

ROLLING CUTTER: Mega Man fires a blade that boomerangs back to him. In a circular motion
DMG: 18%
HYPER BOMB: Mega Man fires a Bomb that shortly detonates.
DMG: 20%
ICE SLASHER: Fires a blast of ice that has a 80% chance of freezing enemies
DMG: 16%
FIRE STORM: A ball of fire circles Mega Man before blasting off in the direction he faces.
DMG: 18%
SUPER ARM: Mega man materializes a Crate in his hand when thrown it breaks apart into four smaller parts
DMG: 23%
THUNDER BEAM: 3 Bolts of lightning fire from his buster one travels straight up, another straight down and the third forward.
DMG: 19%
TIME ARROWS: Fires 2 purple arrows one long one short, the long arrow fires quickly while the small arrow is slow.
DMG: 12%
OIL SLIDER: Mega man fires a oil slick from his buster which can then be used as a sled DMG occurs when the Oil Slider his an enemy by jumping on them.
DMG: 15%

If no opponent has been beaten or a Taunt is used(Mega Man will loose his abilities similar to Kirby when he Taunts) Mega Man will gain the ability to use the Mega Ball. All Secondary Weapons have a limited amount of uses once those are expired the weapon expires and the Mega Ball is used instead.a bar will appear next to Mega Man's DMG %.

Mega man will drop and slide across the ground- Careful Mega Man will not stop sliding if he comes to an edge! The Power Slide is a defensive move and causes minimal DMG.
DMG: 2%

Mega Man will hop onto Rush's back and rush will transform into his jet form and fly diagonally into the air a medium distance. if an opponent is hit DMG will be dealt.
DMG: 12%

Final Smash – SUPER ADAPTER-
Rush and Mega Man combine into an upgraded version of Mega Man. In this form Mega Man can fly and his mega buster is replaced with a powerful arm cannon, due to the upgrades not being completed, Mega Man only has a short time in this mode.
DMG: N/A this mode enables a flying ability to Mega Man and reduces his attack to a single move which causes 30% DMG with generous knock back.

Kirby Hat -
Kirby claims a Mega Man helmet and is able to utilize the mega buster.


Taunt 1 –
Mega man jumps up a bit and pumps his right fist into the air. "All right!"

Taunt 2 –
Rush barks as his back opens up to project a hologram of Dr. Light, he seems to speak as Mega man says: "I got it Doctor." the hologram dissipates and rushes back closes.

Taunt 3 –
Mega Man kneels down and pets Rush

SNAKE'S CODEC FOR MEGA MAN=====================

SNAKE: "Otacon! isn't that Mega Man?"

OTACON: "Oh wow! it really is Mega Man, and it looks like Rush came along too!"

SNAKE: "What can you tell me about him?"

OTACON: "Mega Man is a robot created by the famous Dr. Thomas Light in the year 20XX. Originally named Rock, he was created as a simple "Helper" robot, but when Dr. Wily steals Dr. Light's other robots and reprograms them to take over the world, Rock had Dr. Light modify him into a combat robot."

SNAKE: "So he is some sort of android or cyborg then?"

OTACON: "well actually, Mega Man is classified as a "Robot Master". Mega Man fights using his Mega Buster- a cannon like weapon that fires blasts of energy also whenever Mega Man defeats an enemy, he gains their abilities through the Weapon Variable System! Not to mention Rush has the ability to transform into all kinds of things."

SNAKE: "their programing is that powerful!?"

OTACON: "Absolutely Snake, that's probably why Dr. Wily hasn't been able to conquer the world yet. Snake, be careful, your not fighting a kid- your fighting THE Mega Man."

SNAKE: "I'll keep that in mind."


"Right on! Now, What new powers have I obtained?!"


1 - Mega Man
2 - Super Adapter (Final Smash)
3 - Rush
4 - Dr. Thomas Light
5 - Dr. Albert W. Wily
6 - Roll
7 - Auto
8 - Eddie
9 - Beat
10 - Tango
11 - Bass
12 - Treble
13 - Protoman
14 - Duo
15 - Robot Masters (MM1-3)
16 - Robot Masters (MM4-6)
17 - Robot Masters (MM7-9)
18 - Robot Masters (MM10)
19 - Stardroids (MMV)
20 - Sunstar (MMV)
21 - Yellow Devil
22 - Dr. Mikhail Sergeyevich Cossack
23 - Kalinka Cossack
24 - Mega Man Killers (Enker, Quint, Punk, Ballade)



The year is 20XX. you battle atop various buildings, much like in the melee stage Fourside. in the distance is a futuristic city under attack- fires burn, debris falls and buildings topple. the rampage of the yellow devil is bringing about this chaos. as it rips through the city the earthquakes will cause the battlefield to change damaging structures making them fall onto each other or crumble completely some tremors will make small explosions occur from the buildings as they loose stability. eventually the Yellow devil will notice the battlefield and make its way closer and closer. as the Yellow Devil reaches you it begins to charge it's eye for a devastating attack just as it is about to unleash its power the battlefield freezes a warning sign is displayed the battlefield glitches and is reset. looks like this is all an elaborate VR simulation.

STAGE MUSIC TRACKS============================

1 - Theme of Mega Man - (Arrangement) - Mega Man 2 -
2 - Dr. Wily Stage 1 - Arrangement by: Blue.Nocturne - Mega Man 2 -
3 - Zero's Theme - Mega Man Zero -
4 - Sky High - Mega Man ZX -
5 - Sky Lagoon - Mega Man X4 -
6 - Flutter vs. Gesellschaft! - Mega Man Legends -
7 - Nebula Grey - Mega Man Battle Network 5 -

SIDE NOTES=================================

Mega Man teleports in and then throws his head back as his helmet forms (MM8 stage entrance) as rush teleports in after him.

Victory Music -
Victory - Mega Man 8 -

Mega Man says: "Lets Go!" (2:56-2:57) -


DEFAULT - Mega Man and Rush
SECONDARY - Rock and Tango:…

Mega Man and Rush Colors:
BLUE - DLN-001 & Rush (Default/BLUE Team)
RED - DLN-000 & Tango (RED Team)
GREEN - Auto and MET (GREEN Team)
WHITE - MM2 Bad box art
PURPLE - SWN-001 & Treble
YELLOW - Star Crash

Rock and Tango Colors:
ORANGE - Rock and Tango
PEACH - Shirtless Rock and Beat
RED - Roll and purple Tango (RED Team)
GREEN - Yashichi Fan and Met (GREEN Team)
BLUE - Energy Tank and Rush (BLUE Team)
YELLOW - Plum and white Tango


SPEED: Normal
JUMP: Below High

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