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Newcomer Chocobo by evilwaluigi Newcomer Chocobo by evilwaluigi
The next in the "you know who should be in smash brothers" series is WARK! Chocobo! Now before I get the : "Cloud (or any other main character from FF) would be better" stuff- Think about it. would adding in any of them really be fair? because if Cloud is added, why not Squall- or Tidus- or Sephiroth? i think its just better to use a character from the FF universe everyone knows!and lets face it everyone loves a little Chocobo.

=============MOVE SET==================

B - Chocobo Kick - Chocobo will hurl itself forward and deliver 3 kicks in mid air. good for recovery.

Side B - Chocomet - Chocobo will whirl threw the air like a drill and be surrounded by fire!

Down B - Chocobo Dash - Chocobo will stomp the ground as faint clock hands appear over him while the clock spins one full rotation Chocobo is vulnerable and hitting Chocobo will cancel the attack but if unchecked, when the clock hands rotate once Chocobo will glow yellow for a period of time making everything he does faster, Attacking, Recovering from being stunned, lifting things etc. this move does no actual damage.

Up B - Frantic Feathers - F.F. will have Chocobo attempt to fly upwards- of course our little buddy here isn't a flying Chocobo and will only barely get off the ground with this causing a bunch of his feathers to fly off his wings. these feathers do damage to anyone they touch. also if done in mid air Chocobo can then glide.

Kirby Hat - Kirby wears a Chocobo hat and can perform the Chocobo Kick.

Final Smash - Chubby Chocobo - Chocobo will glow and send out a high pitch KHEW! whoever is then near Chocobo will meet the back end of a fast landing Chubby Chocobo (much like a very fast moving Snorlax)

=============STAGE NOTES================

Fantasy's End is a stage that throws you into a battle against some FF characters. The stage is comprised of 4 tiers which can be passed threw at anytime. during battle the Background will change from FF1's Chaos shrine (chaos battle) to Dream's End (Yu Yevon Battle) though this doesn't really affect the battle itself. what really does are everyone's opponents: Black Mage, White Mage, Time Mage and Summoner.

RED LINES - Walkable Terrain - you can walk on the command box as well as 3 semi transparent platforms.


GREEN 1 - watch for characters to walk onto the stage to perform there attacks- hitting them will disrupt their attacks!

GREEN 2 - Looks like your enemies know exactly who you are and how many of you there are!

GREEN 3 - In the right most box is where you will find your enemies stats. Their HP usually 10/10 not much HP hu? they must be easy to KO. Their Names, and Their Time bar, when one of these fills be sure to keep an eye on what your enemies are doing in there command box, will they use a phoenix down and revive a member of their party you KOed or will they lash out at you with one of there attacks!?

BLACK MAGE - 10/10 HP - Time bar: Normal speed - will always cast Black Magic - Spells:
-Bio: this will make everyone on the stage gain a Lip's Flower on their heads.
-Quake: Anyone on the ground will be buried.
-Meteor: Ever have a sudden death match? Déjà vu? This is Black Mage's Strongest Spell.

WHITE MAGE - 10/10 HP - Time Bar: Slow Speed - Will only Cast Magic if all party members are not Koed, she will bring back Party KOed members with Phoenix downs, otherwise she will use White Magic Always - Spells:
Cure - She will heal one player randomly removing 50% of damage.
Regen - This will cure 50% of a players damage every few seconds for a short period of time.
Shell - this will turn targeted player into a metal version of themselves.

TIME MAGE - 10/10 HP - Time Bar: Normal Speed - Will always Cast Time - Spells:

Slow - Will Slow down One player

Haste - Will Speed up One player

Stop - will stop all but one Player

SUMMONER - 10/10HP - Time Bar: Fast Speed - Will always Cast Summon - Summons:

Ifrit - Will appear and use Hellfire, this makes certain areas of the stage burst into flames (smart bomb effect)

Shiva - Will appear and use Diamond Dust,she will fly around the stage whoever she touches will be frozen (Mr freezie effect) then stop and snap her fingers to deal massive damage to anyone still frozen.

Ramuh - Will appear fly off the stage into the BG and cast Judgment Bolt (several Pikachu's thunder attacks all over the stage)

Titan - Titan will appear and use Gaia's Wrath he will stomp the ground randomly causing a bury effect to anyone on the ground.

Odin - Will randomly Slash one player with Zantetsuken this is a one hit KO.

Bahamut - Will fly up and Cast Mega Flare (Lucario's FS)

Leviathan - will cast Tsunami, though this won't damage players the stage will become flooded for a short while making fighting a chore.


Pheonix Down - This super Rare Item is in the shape of a feather it glows gold and whoever catches it first will gain a pair of angel wings above their heads, should that player be knocked out they will not suffer the loss of points or of stock. this goes away after they are KOed.

Assist Trophy: MOG
This Fast-Talking, Street-Smart, SLAM-Dancing Moogle will dace his little heart out and then give whoever used his assist trophy the gift of the spell Regen. Every few seconds 10% of damage will be recovered for a short time!


Taunt 1 - Spins on one foot and extends one wing khew!

Taunt 2 - Jumps up and down happily Wark! Wark!

Taunt 3 - Pecks at the Ground some and then pecks at its wing.


1 - Chocobo
2 - Chubby Chocobo (Final Smash)
3 - Mog
4 - Black Mage
5 - White Mage
6 - Time Mage
7 - Summoner
8 - Shiva
9 - Ifrit
10 - Odin
11 - Leviathan
12 - Ramuh
13 - Titan
14 - Bahamut
15 - Behemoth
16 - Goblin
17 - Golem
18 - The Crystals

===============STATS (From 1-10)==========


===============SIDE NOTES===============
Victory Music

Stage Music
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EmotionalParadox Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
THAT WOULD BE AMAZING! (well anyone besides cloud from ff would be awesome)
evilwaluigi Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2011
daw leave the emo guy alone he might cry ;)
EmotionalParadox Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
i dont get how out of all the awesome ff characters, the most popular one is the cross dresser in the wheelchair!
evilwaluigi Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2011
heehee i think its because he is the cross dresser in the wheel chair to be honest- but like i said i don't think he has any business being in smash.
slashlvl5 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2011  Student General Artist
Chocobo, the best Yoshi's rival

Alguien te U.S.A.
AquasAccount Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2009  Student Artist
Wow I love how you say the game the debuted in. I didn't what game he was from.
tnyshawk Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2009
This is great though you might wanna edit the pictures on his special moves
evilwaluigi Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2009
ugh I know! I just couldn't find ones that I wanted and wanted the sheet to be done I'll get around to it... eventually :B
tnyshawk Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2009
i see but the whole thing is a great concept, Awesome moves
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2009
Not bad, although personally I would prefer a Black Mage out of the retro FF characters. Phoenix Down's a neat idea for an item also. If you do any other FF characters, then I think the symbol should vary with their game of origin.
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