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January 2, 2011
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Newcomer Tetra and Toon Zelda by evilwaluigi Newcomer Tetra and Toon Zelda by evilwaluigi
The next in the "you know who should be in smash brothers" series is:

New Challenger Approaching!

SPECIAL MOVES----------------------------------------
<<<<<<<<<< Tetra >>>>>>>>>>
Tetra will reach into her Spoils Bag and take out a random item from the depths of the bag:

Joy Pendant: Tetra places a Joy Pendant around her neck and begins to spread joy! this will allow Tetra to fall slowly from jumps as well as whoever touches her while she wears a Joy Pendant. the effects last for close to 40 seconds!

Skull Necklace: Tetra places a Skull Necklace around her neck and becomes rather off-putting... while wearing the Skull Necklace Tetra will develop the weight as if she had struck a Metal Box, making her super heavy- anyone she touches will receive the same effect- the effects of the Skull Necklace last around 30 Seconds!

Boko Baba Seed: Tetra tosses out a Boko Baba Seed- if this strikes a foe a rather large Boko Baba will sprout from the seed attaching itself to the foe. randomly to Boko Baba will strike down at its host making them unable to move as it chews on them from their back dealing racking DMG- players should button mash to get it to stop- The Boko Baba will eventually die off disappearing in a puff of smoke. if the seed hits the ground a Boko Baba will sprout from the ground instead and attack anyone who gets close.
DMG: Boko Baba Bites 8% (per bite)

Knight's Crest: Tetra tosses out a Knight's Crest this item can be picked up by anyone on the stage, when it is picked up, the character will equip it and go into a sort of berserk mode, they become very quick and lash out at lightning speeds- they do not become invincible mind you it is just hard to break their flurry of attacks- while like this players simply have control over direction and jumping. this effect lasts around 15 seconds.

Red Chu Jelly: a 3 in 50 chance of appearing Red Chu Jelly will work as a maximum tomato Tetra will take out the Chu Jelly and drink it down (with almost the same animation as Young Link's Lon Lon Milk taunt) when she finishes her DMG% will be healed by 50%

Green Chu Jelly: a 5 in 50 chance of appearing Tetra will take out the Green Chu Jelly and drink it down (with almost the same animation as Young Link's Lon Lon Milk taunt) when she finishes the Green Chu Jelly will make all of Tetra's Special Attacks gain a +20% DMG boost for around 60 Seconds!

Blue Chu Jelly: a 1 in 100 chance of appearing, Tetra will take out the Blue Chu Jelly and drink it down (with almost the same animation as Young Link's Lon Lon Milk taunt) when she finishes she will be healed all of her DMG% and gain +20% to all of her Special Attacks for 120 Seconds!

Golden Feather: Tetra takes out a Golden Feather and places it behind her ear, while this is equipped, Tetra will gain the ability to jump up to 9 times consecutively sort of like Kirby- allowing her to travel greater distances by air or simply to recover better!
DMG: 0%

Side B – BOMBCHU -
Tetra takes out a Bombchu and holds it over her head, at this point it becomes a held item, tossing it, will set it off. When a Bombchu is tossed it will slide along the ground of the platform it first touches, this Bombchu will slowly countdown it's behind flashing more frequently the closer it gets to exploding- if touched, it will detonate immediately, otherwise it will cling to the platform and continue to move, it can even skitter across the bottom of platforms so heads up!
DMG: 13%

In waves of crackling Golden light, Tetra transforms into the princess of Hyrule: Toon Zelda! If Tetra is attacked during transformation, the transformation will be canceled.
DMG: 0%

Tetra takes out her short sword points upward and says "FIRE!" and from beneath her a catapult appears- firinging her upward at a slight angle she spins as she sores into the air dealing racking DMG to anyone who meets her blade.
DMG: 4%-20%
Final Smash – PIRATE BARRAGE - </B> Tetra reaches into her vest and takes out her Pirate Charm. Taking a deep breath she yells into the charm: "ALL HANDS ON DECK!" suddenly the BG of the stage floods and in teh distance we can see Tetra's ship! from the ship, cannonballs begin to rain down on the stage! some marked with skulls even explode when the strike the stage! while this is going on, Tetra is immune to the cannonballs however she can still take DMG and be KOed from the stage.
DMG: 22% (Per Cannon Ball) 32% (Cannonball Explosion)

Kirby Hat -
Kirby gains a wig that resembles Tetra's Hairdo and gains the Spoils Bag Ability.
<<<<<<<<<< Toon Zelda >>>>>>>>>>
B – MAGIC ARROWS - </B> Zelda will take out the Bow of Light and knock an arrow into it and begin to strain it's string. this works like Link's Bow attack, the longer "B" is held the further the arrow is fly and the faster it will travel. releasing "B" before the string of the bow is pull all the way back will case a glittering arrow to fly forward, this deals DMG and delivers a glittering shock wave upon impact. when the Bow's string is pulled back to its max the tip of the arrow will burst into light either glowing Red, Blue or Yellow. releasing the Arrow when the arrow head is a different color will result in a different type of arrow being fired.
RED: Fire Arrow - May cause target to catch fire dealing additional DMG.
DMG: 14%
BLUE: Ice Arrow - May cause target to become encased in a block of solid ice.
DMG: 14%
YELLOW: Light Arrow - Will cause target to become paralyzed for a short amount of time and will also blind other foes nearby making them enter a dizzy animation (button mash to snap out of it.)
DMG: 20%

Toon Zelda will take out the Mirror Shield and duck behind it, as long as "B" is held down after taking teh Mirror Shield out, Toon Zelda will be able to use the control stick to move the direction of the shield up or down, the Mirror Shield s VERY reflective allowing Zelda to redirect Energy Projectiles as well as redirect a beam of sunlight this will occur if the Mirror shield is out for more than 5 seconds, a beam of light will shoot out from the shield, this deals no DMG but can stun foes allowing for a followup attack!
DMG: 0%

In waves of crackling Golden light, Toon Zelda transforms into pirate of the Great Sea: Tetra! if Toon Zelda is attacked during transformation, the transformation will be canceled.

Toon Zelda begins to take in spheres of multicolored Energy and runs forward, beneath her feet a path of rainbow light materializes, using the control stick players can choose where the bridge forms from its sides sharp looking railways appear dealing DMG and knock back to foes eventually the path stops materializing and the solid bridge disintegrates and Toon Zelda fall from the bridge.
DMG: 12% (per spike)

Final Smash – PHANTOM ZELDA -
Suddenly a Phantom appears on the stage- Toon Zelda gasps and in a burst of light becomes a ghost, she flies into the Phantoms back, the camera zooms into its helmet and two pink eyes glow brightly the camera then pans out and players now have control over Phantom Zelda. The Phantom is invincible. it cannot be Damaged and is incredibly powerful! it even has its own move set!
B - SWORD SWING - Phantom Zelda will strike with her giant Sword dealing huge knock back and DMG!
DMG: 32%
Side B - WRECKER - Phantom Zelda transforms into a Boulder and rolls forward at an alarming speed, releasing "B" will transform Phantom Zelda back to normal.
DMG: 22%
Down B - TORCH - Phantom Zelda thrusts her Sword into the ground and it becomes engulfed in flames the next 3 times she uses her Sword Swing, a ball of fire will also race across the screen.
DMG: 15% (Fireball only)
UP B - WARP - Phantom Zelda vanishes- using the control stick decide where Phantom Zelda will reappear!

When the FS time is up, the camera will focus on Phantom Zelda a hulking, menacing looking suit of armor with glowing pink eyes- she looks down as a small mouse scampers by, Phantom Zelda screeches standing on one foot she brings her hands to her would be mouth in horror, dropping her sword and shield the mouse approaches Phantom Zelda, Toon Zelda expels herself from the armor and it crumbles into a heap as the mouse scampers away the armor bursts into smoke and Toon Zelda regains her body.

Kirby Hat -
Kirby obtains Toon Zelda's Crown as well as the Magic Arrows Ability.

<<<<<<<<<< Tetra >>>>>>>>>>
Taunt 1 –
Tetra folds her arms, stares at the screen and gives a wink.

Taunt 2 –
Tetra pulls out here telescope and looks around with it before collapsing it and tucking it away again.

Taunt 3 –
Tetra takes out her Pirate Charm and yells into it: "LISTEN!"
<<<<<<<<<< Toon Zelda >>>>>>>>>>
Taunt 1 –</B> Toon Zelda brings her hand to her face and sneezes "Ha-Chu!"

Taunt 2 –
Zelda places a hand on her chest and begins to sway while humming Zelda's Lullaby (Taunt animation is broken by movement or by being attacked).

Taunt 3 –
A tiny mouse will scamper around Toon Zelda's feet as she freaks out.

SNAKE'S CODEC FOR TETRA--------------------------------

SNAKE: Otacon, this little girl she's a pirate right?

OTACON: That's Tetra Snake, did you know she is actually a princess?

SNAKE: Another one?

OTACON: Now Snake that's now way to talk about princess Zelda!

SNAKE: Zelda... isn't that the one who turns into a ninja?

OTACON: Hey and this one is a pirate! hee hee hey Snake what team are you on? Ninja or Pirate?

SNAKE: ehhhhh

SNAKE'S CODEC FOR TOON ZELDA--------------------------------

SNAKE: Mei Ling, This girl with the big eyes, is she another Zelda?

MEI LING: Yes Snake, this is Toon Zelda she actually lived a majority of her life as a sea fairing pirate!

SNAKE: A pirate hu? not very princess like...

MEI LING: She didn't know she was a princess Snake.

SNAKE: I would have just stayed a Pirate.

MEI LING: "To forget one's ancestor's is to be a brook without a source, a tree without root”

SNAKE: Another Proverb?

MEI LING: It means-

SNAKE: To respect and not forget the past because it makes you who you are.

MEI LING: Something like that, don't underestimate her Snake.

<<<<<<<<<< Tetra >>>>>>>>>>

"What's with that get-up?"
<<<<<<<<<< Toon Zelda >>>>>>>>>>
"No need to be scared. Just buck up and get moving."


1 - Tetra
2 - Pirate Barrage (Final Smash)
3 - Toon Zelda
4 - Phantom Zelda (Final Smash)
5 - Pirate Gang (Senza, Gonzo, Nudge, Mako and Zuko)
6 - Makar
7 - Linebeck
8 - Chancellor Cole
9 - Anjean
10 - Bryne
11 - Oshus
12 - Jolene
13 - Ezlo
14 - Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule
15 - Queen of Fairies
16 - Zephos & Cyclos
17 - Prince Komali
18 - Orca & Sturgeon



A straightforward stage, two towers frame the stage at its center spins the windmill which can be stood on and acts as a separator for the stage. at times the wind will pick up causing the windmill to move faster and cause a slight push to the right or left- effectively turning the windmill in that direction. The Great Sea can be seen in the distance and several ships sail across its blue waters.

STAGE MUSIC TRACKS---------------------------------

1 - Windfall Island - The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker -
2 - Outset Island - The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker -
3 - Realm Overworld - The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks -
4 - Tetra and the Pirates - The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass -
5 - Hyrule Town - The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
6 - Linebeck's Theme - The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass -
7 - Spirit Tracks Theme - The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks -

SIDE NOTES------------------------------------------


<<<<<<<<<< Tetra >>>>>>>>>>
Tetra floats down on a small cyclone and enters fighter stance.
<<<<<<<<<< Toon Zelda >>>>>>>>>>
Tetra stands facing the screen as teh Triforce of Wisdom completes itself and in a quick blast of golden energy Tetra transforms into Toon Zelda and enters fighter stance.

Victory Music -
Victory Theme - Zelda Series -

The SFX of the Triforce coming together is heard - (0:06-0:11) -


PINK - Princess of the Sea Pink (Default)
RED - Strong Red (RED Team)
BLUE - Wise Blue (BLUE Team)
GREEN - Hero Green (GREEN Team)
BLACK - Dark Interlopers Black
PURPLE - Lowrule Purple


JUMP: Normal

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Darkicedragon17 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
yes yes yes a million times yes! These two should be in Smash Brothers.
TonLock643 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014
Except they would be separate characters, Like normal Zelda and Sheik.
Darkicedragon17 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
true, but it'd still be awesome
TonLock643 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014
I know!!
BigBossMan538 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014
Say, since no characters will transform in the new game (save Final Smashes), what about this? Tetra is the character we get and her Final Smash involves her transforming into Zelda and being able to aim Light Arrows? Just an idea!
evilwaluigi Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014
that could work- honestly im not too worried about that rule seeing as these were made before that was announced. also i like the gimmick of transforming characters to some extent its too bad they did away with it...
BigBossMan538 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014
It was cool, but I prefer having separate characters. When playing as Samus, I prefer Z.S Samus. When playing Zelda, I prefer Zelda. I do hope Squirtle and Ivysaur come back somehow. I loved Ivysaur SO much. Waaaah! 
ITSOVER9000ish Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014
I still got my fingers crossed for these two. Transformations may be gone, but that didn't stop Shiek from returning, so I'm confident these two are still a strong possibility.
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that would be cool...
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